This set is perfect gift & a must for all ladies irrelevant of age as every girls dream is a look of clean, moisturised, glowing skin. These products achieve that result. The three items work in tandem & you will find what everyone needs – a fabulous cleansing oil, a luxurious face serum and an effective moisturiser. Use oil with hot cloth to cleanse without stripping the skin suitable for all ages and skin types.

Follow this with 24 Hour Rosehip Face Serum, it keeps normal skin in great condition and can help with skin concerns like dry, dehydrated, irritated and uncomfortable skin as well as hormonal skin. This serum is a mega calming hydrator for all skin types that will leave your skin glowing. Active Rosehip Day Cream is a natural anti-ageing skincare product that contains an anti-ageing formula which helps leave your skin protected, nourished & more plump.